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Welcome to the Global Peacemakers Movement

First You, Then The World

We promote energetic, emotional and physical peace
by promoting self-awareness in thoughts, words and deeds.

Join us now by taking a stand and commit to being a Peacemaker.

Expanding The Peace Wave Is As Easy As 1...2...3

Scroll down for instructions on each step


We believe that each person, through self-awareness of his or her thoughts,
words and deeds can enhance the energy he or she emits.
We believe that when enough people enhance their energy level,
even by a small amount, this will change the world.

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If you were invited to spend 5 days with someone like the Dalai Lama,
would you accept the invitation?

Would you like more peace, love and happiness in your life?

Does aligning with your inner peace and full potential appeal to you?


Join us in New Zealand visiting a Waitaha Marae (sacred meeting ground) - an exclusive and unique opportunity, available only by invitation from the counsel of the Waitaha elders.
We are welcomed homeā€¦into their home yes, but more importantly, home within ourselves,
through the profound wisdom and guidance of sacred energy,
true peace and the essence of love and life itself.


New Zealand Wisdom Adventure, July 22nd to 28th