Welcome to the Global Peacemakers Movement

First You, Then The World

We promote energetic, emotional and physical peace
by inspiring self-awareness in thoughts, words and deeds.

Join us now by taking a stand and commit to being a Peacemaker.

Thank you for your interest in submitting
a Peace Story of your own.


Take a moment to remember a situation where You were the giver or receiver of a peacemaking act.
Write a brief story of this moment.

Then take a picture of yourself and send it to us, together with your written story.

Remember to NAME your Image and your Story with the same name, so we know to pair them together.

If you prefer you can make a brief video of yourself, sharing your Peacemaking story.
Please make it no longer than 1 minute / 60 seconds.

Use the submission link to share your Peacemaking story with us.
Then wait to see it turn up on Instagram @globalpeacemakers.

Following Instagram GPM Instagram is a requirement.
Only sincere submissions will be posted.

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We believe that each person, through self-awareness of his or her thoughts,
words and deeds can enhance the energy he or she emits.
We believe that when enough people enhance their energy level,
even by a small amount, this will change the world.

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