Eva Charlotte

Founder & Spokesperson
of Global Peacemakers

We will change the world energetically, to a vibration of peace, one person at a time.

Meet Eva Charlotte

Eva Charlotte motivates and inspires individuals and corporate audiences across the world. She brings with her many unique life experiences and intuitive abilities that can help you discover and focus in on what is truly important in your life.

Eva will take you to your own reservoir of inner wisdom where you can clearly evaluate your life choices and embark on a new exciting journey toward the fulfillment of your greatest dreams.

Are you ready to release the chaos, drama and turmoil that's keeping you from experiencing the peaceful life you're meant to live?

Eva is committed to supporting you in raising your vibrational frequency so that the peace you feel and emit brings more peace and love to you and to everyone around you.

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Sessions with Eva CharlotteOne-on-One Work with Eva

International Speaker, Spiritual Leader, Workshop Facilitator

​Eva has spoken at events all over the world, ranging from large stages to intimate settings at conferences, businesses, transformational events, churches and more.

​Her presence and grace, combined with her unique life experience and ability to make complex concepts feel simple and clear through inspiring storytelling, leaves the audience wanting more.

Eva has the ability to tune into any audience in just a few moments and deliver insights and guidance of profound nature. She can adapt her talk to your event theme, or present one of her keynote talks.

Services & Specialties


Keynote Presentations

Half & Full Day Workshops

Deep-Dive Private Immersion (2 to 3 days)

Spiritual Guide & Leader for Retreats

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