Founder & Spokesperson
of Global Peacemakers

We inspire the change of our world energetically,

to a vibration of peace, one person at a time.

An Invitation from the Founder of Global Peacemakers

"The vision of Global Peacemakers started to come to me - and through me - during a very challenging time in my own life. It's a vision and dream that has taken on a life of its own, with very clear ideas of how it wants to be manifested. It is an honor to be the founder and initiating conduit for this creation.

The Global Peacemakers is not about me or any one person; it is an invitation for each and every one of us to bring more peace to our world...first within ourselves, then with our brothers and sisters, as well as earth itself.

It's an invitation for every individual to become more aware of what we bring into every moment, through our thoughts, words and deeds.

It's an invitation for every person to become conscious Peacemakers in our daily lives; deliberately refraining from drama and choosing peace.

It's an invitation for, already established, Peacemakers to lead Peace waves as a part of Global Peacemakers.

It's an invitation for wisdom and peacekeepers, across the globe, to have their voices heard.

As we start out, I'll be initiating the first Peace wave with our emerging team and collaborating partners of the Waitaha Nation of Peace. As we grow, many more will be showing up on this page, leading their own waves, or supporting Global Peacemakers in other ways.

Welcome to Global Peacemakers."

Are you ready to release the chaos, drama and turmoil
that's keeping you from experiencing the peaceful life you're meant to live?

Eva is committed to supporting you in raising your vibrational frequency,
so that the peace you feel and emit brings more peace and love
to you and to everyone around you.

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​Her presence and grace, combined with her unique life experiences, inspiring storytelling, and ability to make complex concepts feel simple and clear, leaves the audience wanting more.

Eva has the ability to quickly tune into any audience and deliver insights and guidance of profound nature. Her speaking abilities can range from adapting to an event theme, one of her keynote talks or as she feels lead to speak.

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